Charesume - Executive Career Coaching, Resume Writing, and Personal Branding

We're more than just résumé writers. We are coaches with extensive employment experience. Frustration can cause friction in your job search and slow you down. Our services are designed to reduce the friction, just like grease, so that you can accelerate toward a position that makes the life you want available.

Our clients don't just get a job...
they get to Manage Their Career!

The coaching begins on the first call; before you even pay us a dime we are helping you identify the cause(s) of your slow-down. We will then craft a proposal that describes the services that address the causes and propel you forward. You may choose to engage us for one service at a time to try us out before you make a larger investment. Those who want to experience accelerated and sustained momentum in their career campaign may opt to take advantage of bundled discount packages for multiple services. Many of these packages also include job or company-specific cover letters.

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We are not a one-size-fits all firm. While we do offer workshops on career campaigning and LinkedIn, most of our services are one-on-one and designed to be completely customized to help you overcome your particular challenges.

If any of those challenges fall outside of the realm of services that we offer, we have invested time qualifying partners who act in the best interests of job seekers. Our network of partners include niche and executive recruiters, life coaches, career assessment facilitators, psychologists, financial advisors, CV writers, printers, distribution services, job boards, professional organizations, and executive performance coaches.

In these times, job seekers are finding that the old ways of transitioning are not producing the results they have come to expect. Trends in career campaigning evolve as technology advances and hiring strategies change. This employment era has been described as the “Free Agent Market” and the “Cyber Age.” Turnover is expensive and yet it seems inevitable. Employers still, and always will, adjust their hiring and retention practices to maximize their return on investment in human capital. We continue to stay tuned into the latest hiring trends, and have even trained other hiring professionals on emerging practices, like social recruitment using LinkedIn.

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